Heritage Action Announces Launch of New Super PAC: Sentinel Action Fund

Press Releases · Apr 18, 2022

WASHINGTON — Today, Heritage Action, a national conservative grassroots organization, announced the launch of a new partner organization, the Sentinel Action Fund. The Sentinel Action Fund (SAF) is a new independent super PAC organized to advocate the election of conservative candidates nationwide, beginning in 2022 midterm general elections. Jessica Anderson, Executive Director of Heritage Action and President of Sentinel Action Fund, said:

Since 2010, Heritage Action has fought for American freedom and opportunity for all. Heritage Action built a network of over two million grassroots patriots across the country who work directly with their representatives and state lawmakers to turn conservative policies into law. But to preserve American greatness, new tactics are needed.

That’s why Heritage Action is excited to announce the launch of the Sentinel Action Fund, a new super PAC working to elect conservative candidates nationwide. To advance conservative policies, we are going to support real conservative fighters, help them win general elections, and bring them to Washington to beat the Left.

SAF plans to run a state-of-the-art voter outreach operation on the ground, including door-to-door canvassing, and advertise in support of conservative candidates. SAF will engage in four Senate races (Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire), and at least twelve House races to take back conservative majorities in the 2022 midterms. The organization will identify key conservative fighters who need support to win tough general elections and who will fight hard for the American people in Washington.

SAF will have 12 permanent state-based offices open in key battleground states. These offices will operate year-round, and beyond the election cycle.

Watch Sentinel Action Fund’s launch video below: