Heritage Action for America’s Privacy Policy

Your privacy on the Internet is important to us. As part of the operation and customization feature of Heritage Action for America’s web site (“heritageaction.com”), we gather certain types of information from users, and we would like to explain the types of information we gather, what we do with them, and how to correct or change the information.

Information Collected By heritageaction.com

heritageaction.com collects two types of information from users: personal data such as zip code, email address and demographic information; and aggregated data such as information about traffic patterns on heritageaction.com (for example, how many users log on to heritageaction.com on a daily basis).

Aggregated Information

Aggregated information, such as which pages users visit, is collected through various means. One of these ways is through an IP address, a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the Web. Web servers, the computers that “serve up” Web pages, automatically identify your computer by its IP address. When you request a page from heritageaction.com, our servers log your IP address. heritageaction.com does not link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable, so although your session will be logged, your session will remain anonymous to us. heritageaction.com collects IP addresses for the purposes of system administration only.

Use of Cookies

heritageaction.com uses cookies to automate the process of logging on to certain areas of the site. The heritageaction.com cookie is a small data file stored on your computer that contains a single, randomly assigned user ID number. By recognizing this ID number, heritageaction.com can automatically provide you with the personalized content for which you requested. Cookies can neither read any other files on your computer, nor damage your computer. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you’d prefer, you can set your browser to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent.

Use of Information Collected by heritageaction.com

heritageaction.com uses both the personal and aggregated information we collect for multiple purposes. The information is used to improve the content of the site, to customize the content and/or layout of the site for each individual user, and if requested, to provide information services by email to the user. After registration, users will receive a single email message confirming registration. Heritage Action for America will never disclose your personally identifiable information to a third party unless required to do so by court order, law or governmental agency.

Information Security at heritageaction.com

Heritage Action for America employees understand the need for user privacy and heritageaction.com has appointed a privacy policy administrator to monitor privacy practices. Access to user data is strictly limited and can only be accessed by specific individuals who have the necessary username and password combination. A log is maintained to record who has accessed the data. This log is checked at least weekly for possible security breaches.

Children and Privacy

Heritage Action for America encourages parents and guardians to spend time with their children online and to be fully familiar with the sites visited by their children. In general, heritageaction.com will not contain content that is reasonably considered unsuitable for children.

Links to Other Sites

It is important to note that heritageaction.com contains links to sites other than heritageaction.com, and that those sites may not follow the same privacy policies as heritageaction.com.

Cookie Opt Out
We do allow third parties to place cookies for advertising purposes on our site. These parties may collect non-personally identifiable information about your interaction with us. This Online Privacy Statement does not cover the collection methods or use of the information collected by these vendors. These vendors have their own privacy policies and may be members of the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”). To remove your self from some or all NAI member advertising programs, please visit the NAI Opt-Out Page and follow the relevant instructions. Please note that if you delete, block, or otherwise restrict cookies, or if you use a different computer or Internet browser, you may need to renew your opt-out choice.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Heritage Action for America reserves the right to change the policy on use of information collected. Any changes in policy will be noted in a revised privacy policy statement and will be posted at least 30 days prior to implementation. You may direct any privacy policy questions to [email protected].

Heritage Action for America’s Event Policy

Terms and Conditions of Attendance

Your registration for or attendance to this event signifies your agreement to the following terms and conditions. Every person who attends this event must register in advance of being admitted. VALID PHOTO ID MAY BE REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION AND ADMISSION.


Members of the General Public are invited to attend this event as part of Heritage Action for America’s commitment to promote reasoned discussion and understanding of important public policy issues. If you wish to accept our invitation to attend the event, you shall be expected to conduct yourself to our standards for the courtesy and respect for every speaker and the other guests in the audience. This may include, but is not limited to, restricting the amount of time you may speak, or when you may ask questions, limiting any materials such as signs or recording devices you may bring into the event, or otherwise engaging in any conduct that is disruptive to the event. Heritage Action for America reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny admission to anyone who, while our guest and on the premises of the event, may not conduct themselves with the courtesy and decorum our organization requires. Heritage Action for America reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to physically remove from the premises any person who is violating our standards of conduct. The premises of the event shall be defined by Heritage Action for America in consultation with the owner of the venue and local law enforcement. This policy applies to anyone who may attend the event without registering. This policy also applies to anyone who is responsible for bringing another person to the event who later violates this policy.


Additional provisions to this policy may apply pursuant to our agreement with the owner of the facility of the event. Any person who is removed may be subject to arrest or detention by authorities for violation of this policy or the codes of the jurisdiction of the event. Nothing in this policy is designed to censor anyone’s speech or conduct on public property.


Heritage Action for America reserves the right to (1) restrict or prohibit audio or video recording and/or transmission of the event or the taking of photographs during the event, and (2) remove anyone conducting unauthorized recording or photography. Any person who conducts unauthorized recording or photography hereby transfers ownership of any recording device used to make an unauthorized recording, and any unauthorized recording of the event (tape, CD, or other medium) to Heritage Action for America, and agrees to give possession of all recording devices used, and all copies of any such unauthorized recording, to Heritage Action for America before he leaves its premises.


All packages, bags, and other containers are subject to search, and may be required to be stored during the event.