Heritage Action Exceeds Goal of Contacting 1.5 Million Georgia Voters, Raises Target to 2 Million

Press Releases · Jan 4, 2021

Washington, DC—Heritage Action for America today announced they have exceeded their goal of contacting 1.5 million voters ahead of Georgia’s dual Senate runoff on January 5. As an extension of its Project 2020 policy-based campaign, Heritage Action has already knocked 207,013 doors, called 894,784 households, and sent out 512,648 get-out-the-vote text messages for a total of over 1.6 million Georgia voters to address the top issues on voters’ minds: safety, security, economic recovery, and jobs.

“This is possibly the most important Senate election of our lifetimes, and we are dedicated to turning out conservative voters and ensuring that Georgia remains the firewall of freedom,” said Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action. “We are using all our resources to knock doors, call voters, and create record turnout to ensure that conservative policies win out.”

After exceeding its original target, Heritage Action raised its target to 2 million voters. In its final days, Heritage Action sent a series of text messages to voters reminding them to turn out, gathered over 1,000 Sentinels for a door-to-door blitz, and continued targeting voters digitally.

“We refused to leave anything on the table ahead of January 5,” continued Anderson. “The stakes couldn’t be higher — socialist policies, police funding, the integrity of the courts, and the prosperity of Georgia and the nation are all on the line. Georgia could be the last line of defense against the radical Schumer agenda and a liberal Senate. We have spent the last year building a state-of-the-art ground game, and are using it to fight to the end."