Heritage Action Contacts 3.5 Million Swing Voters, Continues Through Election Day

Press Releases · Nov 3, 2020

Washington, DC— Grassroots conservative organization Heritage Action announced it has contacted over 3.5 million swing voter households and spent over $3.8 million in battleground states this year and is continuing its issue-focused and voter-targeted messaging on Election Day.

“By turning out conservatives and like-minded swing voters, Heritage Action is helping to set the stage for conservative policy victories in 2021 and beyond,” said Jessica Anderson, Executive Director of Heritage Action. “Voters are eager for economic recovery, the return of safety and security and a clear vision to protect American values. We have seen first hand the impression that conservative policies can have to get out the vote, and long term, we hope to bring these swing voters into the conservative movement for good.

Heritage Action began its $3.8 million outreach initiative called “Project 2020” in April 2020 with voter contact in Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on the issues of culture, immigration and the economy. Over the summer and into the fall, Project 2020 expanded into new states and broadened to incorporate the economic recovery from COVID-19, the need to support law enforcement, and the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

In October Heritage Action’s efforts pivoted from issue education to motivating voters to turn out and vote on these issues. We have continued this work through Election Day. These final outreach efforts have included:

  • GOTV Voter contact: 3.5 million (doors + calls) in battleground states of IA, NC, PA, WI since April 1.
    • GOTV door knocks reached 100,000 swing voters in the final 5 days.
  • Digital ad campaign: IA, NC, PA, WI, SC, GA, FL, and AZ reaching 35+ million views.
  • Peer-to-Peer Texting: 1.2 million GOTV text messages.
  • Paid canvassers: Over 150 paid canvassers in key battleground states.
  • Targeted Advertising: Digital ads running in sixteen House districts and statewide for one Senator, thanking elected officials for their public support of law enforcement.
  • GOTV Emails: Four get-out-the-vote emails to Heritage Action’s grassroots list of one million conservative activists asking them to vote and to bring five friends to the polls.
  • Poll Workers: Heritage Action recruited and trained over 325 poll workers who will be stationed nationwide today monitoring election sites.
  • Voter Registration: Efforts drove voters to our voter registration website, ensuring that the voters we have engaged with since April 1 are ready and able to cast their ballots.

Executive Director Jessica Anderson is available for interviews to discuss Heritage Action's efforts. Please email [email protected].