$1 Trillion Minibus That Funds Biden’s Open Border Would Be ‘Indefensible’

Press Releases · Mar 20, 2024

WASHINGTON—Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million activists nationwide, today responded to reported provisions in the second minibus appropriations package set to be released by U.S. House leadership hours before the first vote on the bill.

If the reported provisions are accurate, Heritage Action will Key Vote ‘No’ and encourage lawmakers to oppose the bill, which appropriates funds for the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and Defense (DoD), among other agencies.

Heritage Action Executive Vice President Ryan Walker:

“While we continue to wait for bill text, details leaked to the D.C. media are extremely concerning. If that reporting is accurate, this $1 trillion minibus with budget gimmicks will blow past spending caps and fund Biden’s open border with no meaningful policy changes. As we said in January, that is unconscionable at a time when Americans’ top concerns are border chaos and the cost of living. Furthermore, by breaking the rules to force a quick vote, members will be severely limited or prevented from fully understanding what is contained within the bill.

“Government agencies that dole out billions to sanctuary cities and bankroll corrupt NGOs profiting off the chaos are not deserving of taxpayer funding. A 20% cut to NGOs is unserious—and an increase in detention beds and border agents without statutory mandates to keep the beds filled and the agents enforcing the law is just a talking point. Attached to an outrageous perpetuation of taxpayer-funded abortion at the DoD and tens of billions more in earmarks, this minibus as reported would be a capitulation on the most important issues for our country.”

“Americans deserve better than this broken funding process that produces indefensible legislation.”

After asking experts at The Heritage Foundation to review the reported immigration provisions, former DHS Acting Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Heritage’s Border Security and Immigration Center Lora Ries responded:

“NGOs not only run logistics for Biden’s Western Hemisphere human trafficking and open border operations, they’re also facilitating his illegal voting scheme. Conservatives cannot support another dime for NGOs and should cut 100% of their funding—not 20%.

“For almost three years, Biden refused to fill the ICE beds available to him and directed CBP agents to process illegal aliens over to the NGOs. Promising more beds and more agents for processing is nothing but lip service that will do nothing to stop the flow. Any member of Congress who votes for this is continuing Biden’s open border agenda at the expense of needless victims like Laken Riley. The House could exercise the power of the purse and address the border crisis by defunding NGOs and catch-and-release entirely."

Heritage Action has consistently and repeatedly called on Congress to cut spending and secure the border by passing the policies outlined in H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act. While this minibus does not curb federal spending or include the policies in H.R. 2, it will force taxpayers to spend billions more than the spending limits established in legislation last year, and fund more out-of-touch congressional earmarks.