Heritage Action President: H.R. 2 is the Only Solution to Securing the Border

Press Releases · Nov 28, 2023

WASHINGTON – Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with 2 million grassroots activists, released the following statement from President Dr. Kevin Roberts opposing a Senate working group border proposal that removes key provisions from H.R. 2.

“The Biden administration willfully opened the door for illegal aliens and potential terrorists to enter our country, putting American lives in danger and threatening national security. Since Biden took office, over 7.9 million inadmissible aliens have entered the U.S. through our borders, and an additional 1.7 million illegal aliens ‘got away’ or evaded the U.S. Border Patrol.

“Republicans in Congress united behind the Secure the Border Act, H.R. 2, to force an unwilling administration to accept and implement the minimum required to secure the border. In June, all present Senate Republicans except one voted for H.R. 2, but now, a group of senators is undermining Republican unity and effective policy solutions by negotiating with Democrats who support open border policy.

“Worse, the proposal coming out of these ‘negotiations’ will likely be used as leverage to advance President Biden’s request for $106 billion in fiscally irresponsible spending, including an additional $60 billion for Ukraine that fails to meet conservative standards and $13.6 billion for fake ‘border security’ that would accelerate Biden’s open border operations. House and Senate conservatives should reject this proposal and commit to supporting H.R. 2 to restore safety and security for the American people. Anything less is unacceptable.”