Heritage Action President Thanks Sen. Tuberville

Press Releases · Dec 5, 2023

WASHINGTON—For ten months, Sen. Tommy Tuberville protested the Biden administration’s illegal order directing the military to subsidize abortion travel. During that time, Tuberville withheld unanimous consent, a fast-track way to approve hundreds of military promotions at once. Yesterday, Sen. Tuberville announced his decision to drop most of those holds after a bipartisan group of lawmakers threatened to change Senate rules to force promotions through.

Heritage Action President Dr. Kevin Roberts today released a statement responding to Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s decision to drop the holds on most senior military officials:

“When Mr. Smith goes to Washington, Washington always fights back. That’s never been more clear than this year. While many in this town are content to continue business as usual, even if that means illegally paying to send American babies to their death, Sen. Tuberville refused. He refused to acquiesce to a politicized Department of Defense that demanded pay raises and promotions while they turned against America and the rule of law. He refused to abandon unborn children in favor of unelected bureaucrats. He refused to give into the status quo and turn against America’s grassroots who demanded a senator with a spine.

“Unfortunately, Sen. Tuberville was abandoned and undermined by his colleagues for the legitimate use of Senate procedures to say 'no.' The same senators who claim the mantle of tradition and Senate norms worked with the Left, threatening to destroy decades-old rules governing promotions rather than force Schumer to back down and vote one-by-one on these promotions.

"Pro-Life Americans thank Sen. Tuberville for his tireless efforts to fight the turning over of the Department of Defense to the abortion industry. We also look forward to efforts in the House to defund the administration’s illegal abortion-travel policy in the upcoming NDAA. Heritage Action urges lawmakers to oppose any NDAA which fails to protect life and uphold the integrity of our military.”