Blog Articles · Feb 18, 2022 · Technology

Comparing the House and Senate "China" Bills

The Senate has passed the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (S. 1260). The House has passed the America Competes Act (H.R. 4521), but a...

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Blog Articles · Jan 24, 2022 · Save Our Schools

Myth vs. Fact: Georgia’s Bill To Protect Kids from Discrimination

Download a pdf version here HB 888: Stopping State-Sanctioned Racial Discrimination & Increasing Transparency in Classrooms Introduced by Georgia Representative Brad Thomas, HB 88...

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For more than 60 consecutive years, Congress has passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to set the nation’s defense policies and priorities. The...

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Blog Articles · Oct 19, 2021 · Election Integrity

Comparison of Senate Election Bills, S. 1 and S. 2747 [Infographic]

As many states across the country are passing election integrity efforts to instill confidence in the electoral process—making it easy to vote and hard...

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Blog Articles · Oct 5, 2021 · Budget and Spending

Democrats remaking America with Taxpayer Dollars

This piece was originally published on Democrats are working to remake America, and they’re using our tax dollars to do it. From cradle...

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Blog Articles · Jul 14, 2021

Heritage Action Supports The Stop CRT Act

Legislative Endorsement: Heritage Action Supports The Stop CRT Act In response to the Left’s unending push to indoctrinate and compel adherence to critical race...

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