The Supreme Court Decides Against Law and Order

Press Releases · Jun 18, 2020

Washington—Heritage Action for America released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson, reacting to today’s Supreme Court decision to strike down the Trump Administration’s order to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The Court today delivered a blow to the rule of law in striking down the Trump Administration’s lawful action to end the Obama Administration’s unconstitutional DACA program. The program was created against the will of the American people and outside our laws to effectively grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. In 2017, the Trump Administration legally acted to end the program, but judicial activists have blocked the action in courts ever since.

President Obama violated the Constitution in creating the DACA program in the first place and President Trump is right to roll it back. This decision erodes the rule of law and will lead to more illegal immigration, as The Heritage Foundation's research shows. Americans elected President Trump to defend American sovereignty, uphold the law of the land, and ensure immigration works for the American people. The Supreme Court clearly has different priorities.

While this ruling is wrong and creates unnecessary obstacles to ending DACA, the Trump Administration still has a narrow path to completely end DACA and should take it.

While a majority of the Court may have forgotten what the rule of law looks like, Americans have not. President Trump was elected on a promise to end illegal immigration, and he should continue delivering on that promise by undoing DACA.