Project 2020: The Conservative Agenda for 2020 and Beyond

Blog Articles · Dec 10, 2019 · Budget and Spending

Project 2020

Project 2020 is a multi-layered, nationwide effort to grow the conservative movement and advocate for conservative policy in the areas where it matters most.

Heritage Action’s 2019 polling work has shown how we can win on the issues by focusing on culture, immigration, the future of work and education, and the economy. In these four policy areas, we beat the left if we stick to the issues. Heritage Action polling also shows Americans overwhelmingly agree with conservative policies in these areas: they believe immigration is the top issue facing the nation, the Democratic party is increasingly extreme, and capitalism is a superior system to socialism.

For the last decade, the left has grown increasingly radical on every policy issue, leaving ordinary Americans behind. Project 2020 will remind voters in strategic states that conservative policies work for them and their families, and it will build a conservative coalition that will shape the dialogue of the entire nation for years to come.

In 2020, Heritage Action is leading a major grassroots effort focused in four key states that are policy flashpoints: Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. During his 2016 campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump showed that these crucial states are filled with communities ready to be welcomed into a conservative coalition. Heritage Action will build this coalition by recruiting volunteers in new communities and strengthening our existing 20,000-person army of Sentinels.

By building a conservative coalition in these states, Heritage Action will help ensure that conservative policies prevail in 2020. And, more importantly, we will create a movement to resist the radical policy of the left on local, state, and national levels for years to come.