Texas Legislature Passes SB 14, Defending Children from Experimental Surgeries and Dangerous Cross-Sex Hormones

Press Releases · May 16, 2023

WASHINGTON – Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million grassroots activists, including thousands of Texans, released the following statement from Janae Stracke, Vice President of Field Operations, commending the Texas Legislature’s passage of SB 14, legislation that protects children from medical harm by banning the practice and recommendation of experimental surgeries and cross-sex hormones that irreversibly damage their bodies.

“The medical industry should be offering compassionate care to children suffering from gender confusion, not profiting from their pain. Dangerous cross-sex hormones and experimental surgeries that remove healthy body parts cause children irreversible lifelong harm and do nothing to address underlying mental health issues. By passing SB 14, Texas lawmakers have taken a stand against the Left’s radical gender ideology and voted to protect children by banning the practice and recommendation of these surgeries and cross-sex hormones.

Heritage Action thanks Senator Donna Campbell, Representative Tom Oliverson, and the Texas Legislature for passing SB 14 and putting the wellbeing of Texas children over profit. We look forward to this legislation arriving on Governor Abbott’s desk and working alongside grassroots Americans to pass more legislation like this that defends children from the harm caused by gender ideology.”