Planned Parenthood Chooses Abortion Over Women’s Health

Press Releases · Aug 20, 2019

Washington—Today, Jessica Anderson, Vice President of Heritage Action, issued the following statement in response to Planned Parenthood officially withdrawing from the Title X Family Planning program rather than comply with the Trump administration's Protect Life rule:

Planned Parenthood just chose abortion over health care yet again. Yesterday, they gave up millions of dollars of funding for health care for low-income women by refusing to separate their Title X family planning and preventive services from abortion activity. This decision, which comes on the heels of Dr. Leana Wen resigning as the group's president over their increasingly political focus on abortion, shows their true agenda of abortion advocacy above women's health.

Heritage Action polling shows the American people reject this kind of extremism. Most voters hold pro-life positions, and 57% think that Democrats and liberals are becoming increasingly extremist due to radical policies like this. We applaud the Trump administration's Protect Life rule for forcing Planned Parenthood to show their true agenda and for preventing taxpayer dollars from supporting abortion activity.