Heritage Action Unveils A Winning Conservative Agenda for 2020

Press Releases · Jul 29, 2019

Washington—Today, Heritage Action for America released the results of three opinion polls conducted across the nation in 2019. Each poll built upon the results of the previous to provide a targeted look at what animates voters in strategic areas across the country. Together, the polls reveal a roadmap for conservatives to build a policy agenda that improves the lives of Americans and creates a winning coalition for 2020. An in-depth look at voter responses to the three surveys are available here, and the polls’ methodology is available below:

  • The first poll was conducted by OnMessage, Inc. from March 16 to March 19, 2019 among 1,500 likely voters in 15 key congressional districts (CA-48, FL-18, GA-7, KS-3, NY-11, NY-22, NY-24, ME-2, MN-8, MO-2, OH-12, PA-17, TX-24, TX-32, and UT-4). The poll included 55 questions and has a margin of error of ±2.53%.
  • The second poll was conducted by Basswood Research from June 3 to June 6, 2019 among 1,200 likely voters across the nation. The poll included 67 questions and has a margin of error is ±2.83%.
  • The third poll was conducted by OnMessage, Inc. from June 22 to June 26, 2019 among 1,800 likely voters in five key states (Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Maine, and Pennsylvania). The poll included 58 questions and has a margin of error is 2.31%.

Heritage Action Executive Director Tim Chapman wrote the following for today’s Politico Magazine:

Our goal was simple: To find out what issues currently motivate the coalition that elected Donald Trump and Republican congressional majorities in 2016, so that we can keep that coalition together and expand it while simultaneously advancing the conservative ideas we hold dear. We found that the GOP isn’t connecting the dots between its own innate conservative principles and voters’ preferences—which, our polling reveals, are more similar than many realize.

Several notable takeaways:

  • 47% of national election Republican voters believe overuse of social services is the greatest challenge illegal immigrants pose to America. When factoring in those who answered “all of the above,” 70% of Republican voters believe that overuse of social services is a challenge.
  • Voters in five key swing states overwhelmingly reject single-payer healthcare; 65% of respondents oppose the policy while only 27% support it.
  • 76% of all respondents support pro-life protections for children born alive during abortions.
  • General election voters think Democrats have gone too far to the left: 57% say national Democrats are “becoming increasingly extremist.”
  • While general election voters are generally happy with the current state of the economy, they’re concerned about the future: in a survey of five swing states, a staggering 83% of respondents agreed that “There are a significant number of jobs and careers that will not exist in America in 10 years due to automation and outsourcing.”

More results from the polls can be found here and here.