Heritage Action Praises South Carolina for Protecting Kids from Radical Gender Ideology

Press Releases · May 9, 2024

WASHINGTON—Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million activists nationwide, including thousands of South Carolinians, released the following statement from South Carolina State Director James Quarles praising the South Carolina General Assembly for passing H. 4624, essential legislation to prohibit experimental sex-related procedures that can inflict irreversible damage on children:

“South Carolina stood up for kids, parents, and the truth today by sending a clear message that radical gender ideology has no place in our state. As a father of three young children, it is reprehensible that any society would inflict harmful drugs and experimental surgeries that cause lifelong harm on children struggling with mental health issues.

“Heritage Action commends the South Carolina General Assembly for defending children from irreparable harm by passing H. 4624 to ban experimental sex-related procedures on minors. We look forward to this legislation landing on Governor McMaster’s desk and working alongside grassroots Americans to continue the fight for kids and parents across the country.”

The final vote in South Carolina is a part of a wave of similar provisions passing across the country and around the world as parents wake up to the undeniable dangers of sex-changing drugs and surgeries.

Earlier this year, lawmakers in Ohio’s State House voted to override Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto of similar legislation, HB 68, that bans gender reassignment treatment for minors and prevents biological males from competing against female athletes. Earlier this week, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service announced it would no longer prescribe puberty blockers to minors, citing a lack of evidence that the practice is safe for kids.

Polling shows broad, bipartisan support for the legislation in South Carolina. More than 65% of Americans oppose access to puberty-blocking medication for children, and almost 70% of Americans do not believe male athletes should be allowed to compete against girls and women.