Heritage Action Praises Ohio House for Protecting Kids, Urges Senate to Follow Suit

Press Releases · Jan 10, 2024

WASHINGTON—Today, the Ohio House voted 65-28 to override Gov. Mike DeWine’s outrageous veto of HB 68, legislation that would protect children from experimental surgeries and cross-sex hormones—and ensure fairness in women’s sports.

Heritage Action Director of State Advocacy Catherine Gunsalus released the following statement, on behalf of Heritage Action’s two million conservative activists nationwide, praising the Ohio House and urging the Senate to follow suit as soon as possible:

“Safety and sanity prevailed in the Ohio House today when lawmakers made two things very clear: Boys do not belong in girls’ sports—and no one has the right to inflict experimental, irreversible harm on children.

“Heritage Action applauds the representatives who had the bravery to stand up for Ohio’s kids, even when it meant standing against a vocal minority of detractors that included their own governor. HB 68 ensures courts cannot limit parents’ rights to raise their own children in a manner consistent with their child's biological sex. The bill also protects female athletes from the unsafe, unfair gender activists who want to force them to compete against biological males—something a bipartisan majority of Americans oppose.

“Thanks to the work of the Ohio House, all eyes turn to the Senate. Now is the time to protect Ohio’s kids from destructive ideology. Heritage Action urges Ohio State Senators to follow their House colleagues and override Gov. DeWine’s outrageous veto of HB 68 as soon as possible.”