Heritage Action Grassroots Call for Immediate Special Session for Texas Election Integrity Bill

Press Releases · May 31, 2021

Heritage Action Grassroots Call for Immediate Special Session for Texas Election Integrity Bill

Washington — Heritage Action, a national conservative grassroots organization, today issued a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson and Texas Regional Coordinator Rebekah Warwick calling for an immediate special legislative session to pass election integrity bill SB 7 after the bill failed to receive a vote on the floor of the House last night.

On behalf of over 125,000 Texan activists, we urge the Texas legislature to immediately pass SB 7 through a special legislative session. Due to the unprofessional behavior of Texas House Democrats last night, who walked off the floor of the chamber to avoid having quorum, the Texas legislature was unable to pass crucial reforms to strengthen its elections and protect the votes of Texans. SB 7, which previously passed the House in an earlier form before being strengthened by the conference committee and passing the Senate in its improved form, is needed now more than ever to help deliver fair and secure elections Texans can trust.

We strongly agree with Gov. Abbott’s calls for an immediate special session to pass election integrity reform. Texans cannot wait for reforms that would ensure voter ID for mail-in ballots, protect poll watchers, and add protections against ballot harvesting, among other strong provisions. Over 80% of Texas voters, including majorities from both parties, approve of the bill’s key provision to standardize voter I.D. requirements for ballots-by-mail and voting in-person. Heritage Action grassroots activists in Texas have worked tirelessly to support an impressive bill that would give Texans confidence in their votes, but any delay would jeopardize the progress of the election integrity movement and allow the Left to spread further misinformation about the bill. Texas legislators should immediately pass SB 7 through a special session and send the bill to Gov. Greg Abbott to sign into law.

Background: Heritage Action has invested an initial $10 million into a campaign to support election integrity laws across eight states, including Texas. Heritage Action Sentinels and grassroots activists have worked hard to advance election laws in the state and have testified at legislative hearings in support of the legislation. Heritage Action is also running a digital ad campaign to educate grassroots supporters about the bill. Read Heritage Action's Myth vs. Fact Sheet debunking the false narrative surrounding the bill.