Heritage Action Congratulates Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Her Confirmation

Press Releases · Oct 26, 2020

Washington, DC—Heritage Action today released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson congratulating Justice Amy Coney Barrett on her confirmation to the Supreme Court:

Today’s confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as our next Supreme Court Justice is tremendously important for the nation. First, we thank President Trump for nominating such an excellent judge and Leader McConnell and Chairman Graham for running such a smooth confirmation process. Justice Barrett will be a fair and impartial judge who upholds the law and the constitutional rights of all Americans. Her appointment represents a crucial victory for our nation and the fight to rein in the Court’s judicial activism.

For decades, the Left has been filling the bench with activist judges. Now, thanks to President Trump and grassroots conservatives, we are reforming the bench with judges and justices like Amy Coney Barrett who will respect the Constitution and the plain meaning of the law. Justice Barrett will help steer the Court to uphold the law and the constitutional balance of powers — a much-needed change from the activist drift of the Court.

Congratulations are also extended to the thousands of grassroots activists who spent their time and energy tirelessly working to confirm Justice Barrett. Working with these committed Americans, we saw unprecedented enthusiasm for Justice Barrett’s nomination. The American people are incredibly excited to see such an exemplary legal mind confirmed to the nation’s highest court.”