Heritage Action Applauds New Immigration Rule

Press Releases · Aug 13, 2019

Washington—Today, Heritage Action released the following statement from Executive Director Tim Chapman in response to the administration's new "public charge" rule:

Heritage Action applauds the administration’s new public charge rule. America has always welcomed immigrants who seek to work hard to contribute to our society, and this rule will ensure those individuals have access to the limited pool of green cards.

Heritage Action polling shows that Americans’ greatest concern with illegal immigration is abuse of social services. In our national survey, 37% of likely voters listed “overuse of social services” as “the biggest challenge illegal immigrants pose to America,” and that number jumps to 50% when considering respondents who answered “all of the above.”

This rule will address a key concern of the American people by reducing an incentive for illegal immigration and easing the strain on our social safety net. This rule sends a clear signal that America is open to those ready to contribute to our nation, while addressing one of the driving forces of our current immigration crisis.