Washington D.C. Clearly Out of Touch

A recent Gallup poll asked Americans whether they felt the current economy was in good shape. All 50 states came back with a negative feeling of the economy, although some states were less pessimistic than others.

The only optimistic feeling toward the economy came from the people of Washington D.C., which proves just how out-of-touch the Inside-the-Beltway crowd is with the rest of the country.

It’s absolutely incredible that while the rest of the country has less than zero confidence in the economy, those in Washington D.C. are optimistic. They can claim they feel the pain, but according to this poll, it’s clear they have no idea.

Hopefully August recess allowed most Members of Congress to actually see what it’s like outside of the nation’s capital.


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3 thoughts on “Washington D.C. Clearly Out of Touch

  1. How many people on the beltway live pay check to pay check? How many have to shop at Walmart for just about everything? How many have to eat at home every night because they can’t afford to eat out? How many have make deals with utility companies because they can’t afford to pay the bill all at once? All the while Washington DC live like kings.

  2. And our elected Elites in DC are pushing for a salary increase. If that doesn’t show how out of touch they are, nothing does. When they can legislate the confication of citizens hard earned labor, I guess the econimy looks great to them. They live in a bubble, it’s time for us citizens to pop that bubble. Think 2012

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