Dems. Will Offer Nothing, Then Blame Republicans

It’s become commonplace for Democrats in Washington these days to talk a big game but produce nothing. Why? Because their “reforms” are laughable. Remember President Obama’s February budget for 2012? Democrats swooned over it, saying it was “serious” and would put our country on the right track.

Then conservatives began talking about real reform. Suddenly President Obama pretended his first budget didn’t exist, and gave a speech where he vaguely outlined a supposedly better plan. That budget was never put to paper. The CBO said “we don’t estimate speeches.” Ouch!

Then conservatives put forth a budget that would cut spending and put our country on a path to prosperity. Instead of embracing these serious reforms, Democrats attacked the plan to no end, resorting to outright lies (i.e., seniors being pushed off a cliff) in order to derail the budget and continue their spending binge.

Yet so far, no plan from the Democrats. For months there have only been hints at a budget, claims that there was a budget, or vague promises. All the while they have been attacking the reforms put forth by conservatives.

So we come to the debt limit negotiations. The President continues to say that he’ll attack his “sacred cows” yet has not shown how he will do that. He expects conservatives to put forth a plan that will reform entitlements, and you can bet he will then attack it.

It’s also interesting to note that liberals in Congress have also undercut the President by saying they won’t touch entitlements, continuing the tired arguments that any reform or cuts will amount to hurting seniors.

So we’ll see the same thing again. President Obama and the left will call for reforms and claim they’re touching their “sacred cows” without actually presenting a plan. Once conservatives actually lead and put forth their plan, Democrats will just attack the plan.

At some point, Democrats actually have to admit to the American people that they stand for higher taxes and more spending.

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2 thoughts on “Dems. Will Offer Nothing, Then Blame Republicans

  1. Dems will NEVER admit they are for higher taxes and more spending. Sadly, despite all reasonable evidence to the contrary, they will be believed by at least 40% of the population.

  2. They may be a DUMBER idea than requiring a balanced federal budget, but there’s definitely no DUMBER economic idea – go take Econ 101 and then review spending during WWII (when spending exceeded 100% of GDP) AND THEN YOU MIGHT UNDERSTAND WHAT A STUPID IDEA THIS IS! You think we won WWII with tax cuts? You think tax cuts ended the Great Depression? “A country with no memory is a country of madmen” – George Santayana

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