Sentinel Nation

Heritage Action Sentinels are local leaders, committed activists and champions for conservative victories. They are the front line of the conservative fight to keep congressmen accountable to the principles that will make life better for all Americans.

Sentinel Nation Resources

Sentinels have a range of resources to make them the most effective conservative activists possible.

Activist Training Center

Heritage Action will train and equip you with the skills needed to be an effective activist. From tip sheets on how to be effective on Twitter to videos on how to write a letter to Congress, we will make sure you have what you need to be on the cutting edge of activism.


The Heritage Action Scorecard is the leading conservative scorecard. It allows constituents to hold their members accountable based on how they vote on specific key pieces of conservative legislation.

Activism Center

The Activism Center provides a streamlined way for activists to call their member of Congress. Heritage Action provides the phone number, talking points and a way for Sentinels to report their intel back to Heritage Action.


For each key legislative fight, Heritage Action empowers activists to take action by creating an issue toolkit which includes principled talking points, call notes, sample tweets, draft letters to the editor and graphics to use on social media.

Key Votes

Heritage Action provides guidance to Capitol Hill and the conservative movement on important House and Senate votes. These “key votes” identify conservative priorities and provide accountability for lawmakers on principled votes.

Online Community

Sentinel Nation has an exclusive online community where Sentinels receive real time policy analysis, the latest important articles, action items to stay on top of the news from Capitol Hill, and have an opportunity to connect with other fellow Sentinels.