USMCA Passage is Long Overdue

Press Releases · Dec 18, 2019

Washington—Heritage Action released the following statement from Executive Director Tim Chapman:

After more than 25 years of NAFTA, America is long overdue for a new trade deal. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement will update trade rules for the 21st century and promote American workers, American families, and American manufacturing. The agreement will strengthen free trade with our North American neighbors while ensuring a level playing field, particularly by updating intellectual property and digital trade rules.

USMCA is a strong piece of legislation that deserves the support of every member of Congress. The left has delayed the passage of the bill for too long, endangering the record growth of the American economy in the process. Thanks to President Trump and congressional negotiators, American businesses will be able to begin the new year with the certainty that our nation will continue to thrive and lead the world in trade.