Tillis-Sinema Amnesty Deal, EAGLE Act Will Add Fuel to the Border Security Fire

Press Releases · Dec 6, 2022

WASHINGTON – Today, Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million grassroots activists, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson opposing the Tillis-Sinema framework of immigration reform in the Senate and the EAGLE Act in the House.

“The U.S. immigration system is broken – our southern border is a raging fire of cartel-driven human trafficking, and dangerous fentanyl is flooding our communities. But once again, Congress is ignoring the human suffering on the border to instead spend their time on disastrous amnesty proposals and add fuel to the fire. Now, under the smoke screen of bipartisanship, we find two new immigration proposals: the Tillis-Sinema framework and the EAGLE Act.

In the Senate, reports have emerged that Sen. Thom Tillis and Sen. Sinema have agreed on an ‘immigration reform’ framework that would grant amnesty to two million illegal aliens and add funding to speed up the processing of waves of asylum seekers flooding our southern border. This would be a virtual free pass to two million immigrants who have not been fully processed, and would only encourage millions more to rush the border and join the other so-called asylum seekers that have pushed across the border under the Biden administration’s control.

The House is gearing up to vote on the equally misguided lame-duck proposal, the EAGLE Act. This proposal would add insult to injury by increasing chain migration and creating new opportunities for our adversaries, like the CCP, to take advantage of our immigration system’s obvious shortcomings. Our laws should hold the CCP accountable for their espionage and intellectual property theft, not reward their bad behavior.

Congress must not fall for the same, broken promises of ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ that all eventually end in the promise of amnesty and a green light to more illegal border crossings. Conservatives in Congress must settle for nothing less than strong border security and respect for the rule of law. Both the Tillis-Sinema framework and the EAGLE Act fail to meet that simple standard.”