The President Made it Clear That He is Willing to Work with Democrats to Secure the Border

Press Releases · Jan 19, 2019

Washington—Heritage Action released the following statement from Executive Director Tim Chapman in reaction to the President's compromise proposal:

The President made it clear that he is doing everything he can to end the Democrats’ refusal to increase our border security and put a stop to the humanitarian crisis on our border. Their intransigence has led to a partial government shutdown, and the President is now working hard to re-open the government while providing increased security for Americans.
The President could have insisted on increased funding for border security along with policy changes that would have been a better deal for the American people and would fix the underlying problem of illegal immigration, changes such as ending chain migration and implementing E-verify. The President left those policy changes out of his compromise proposal today in an effort to give Democrats the opportunity to pass legislation increasing border security. If Democrats dismiss this proposal, it will reveal how completely partisan and nakedly political they are behaving in this debate.