Supreme Court Ready to Protect Life While the Left Attacks American Institutions

Press Releases · May 3, 2022

WASHINGTON — Heritage Action, a national conservative grassroots organization with two million grassroots activists nationwide, today released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson responding to a leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s decision on Dobbs v. Mississippi:

Many Americans are waking up to the leaked draft opinion today and are heartened to see Justice Alito’s writings in support of the Constitution and protecting the lives of the most vulnerable. All babies have a right to life, and today’s Supreme Court has the opportunity to protect life in a way their predecessors would not.

Elected officials at the state and federal levels must take up the same mantle and protect life, using every possible lever to do so. Heritage Action is committed to working with and supporting leaders across the country, mobilizing resources, and activating the grassroots to ensure life wins.

At the same time, this leak is an unconscionable attack on judicial independence at a time when the country needs it most. Americans are seeing firsthand the latest in a yearslong assault on American institutions from the far Left, including threats to pack the court and nuke the filibuster.

Of course, the Left’s assault on our institutions has only grown, with Democrats like Senator Bernie Sanders already calling to overturn the filibuster and jam through an abortion-for-all act that goes even beyond Roe. Conservatives will not be deterred in fighting to protect the humanity of all lives, and the dignity and safety of mothers and children alike.