Scott Walker Joins Heritage Action Save Our Paychecks Tour

Press Releases · Aug 3, 2021

MILWAUKEE, WIS. — Today, Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization, announced Scott Walker, former Wisconsin Governor and current president of Young America’s Foundation, as a featured speaker for Heritage Action’s Save Our Paychecks Tour. Gov. Walker will be joining Sen. Rick Scott at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin event, highlighting how the Biden agenda is hurting workers and families in Wisconsin.

Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson:

“I am proud to announce that former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be joining Heritage Action in Milwaukee to Save Our Paychecks. Governor Walker has proven himself as a staunch conservative who stands up for workers and Heritage Action is honored to have him join us in this fight for Wisconsinites who have been left behind by the Biden Administration.”

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:

"Biden’s reckless spending has caused record-high inflation, and Americans are the ones paying the price. We’re paying more at the pump and seeing less in our paychecks, thanks to Bidenflation. That’s why I am proud to join Heritage Action in Milwaukee to Save Our Paychecks and stand up for the millions of American workers and businesses who have been left behind by the Biden Administration."

Florida Senator Rick Scott:

“President Joe Biden and Washington Democrats are leading our nation down an unsustainable path with their failed economic policies and reckless spending. Americans deserve better. The Democrats’ spending addiction has created an inflation crisis and their solution is to spend more and tax more. And instead of focusing on getting Americans back to work and helping small businesses re-open, Democrats are insistent on paying workers more to stay home and rely on government assistance. These policies don’t work, and we are seeing it every day. I am proud to join Heritage Action for America in their Save Our Paychecks Tour to stand alongside businesses and hard-working Americans as we fight to get our country headed in the right direction.”


Throughout the months of August and September, Heritage Action, in collaboration with the Coalition to Protect American Workers, will host state and national officials and small business owners at local businesses across the country in a series of events aimed at exposing how disastrous President Biden’s policies have been for the American worker. To learn more about the Save Our Paychecks Tour visit