Save Our Paychecks: Heritage Action Responds to DNC’s Empty Rhetoric Bus Tour

Press Releases · Aug 12, 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson released a statement concerning the Democratic National Committee’s “Build Back Better” Bus Tour, which comes just days after Heritage Action’s kickoff Save Our Paychecks event in Fresno.

Heritage Action’s Save Our Paychecks Tour is a direct response to the Biden-Harris Administration’s war on Americans’ pocketbooks, highlighting the stories from small business owners who have struggled to stay alive despite the Left’s continued lockdowns, incentives to keep workers out of the workforce, and relentless restrictions on reopening.

Days after Heritage Action announced the Save Our Paychecks Tour to give a voice to Americans being left behind by the Biden Administration, the DNC launched their own bus tour to push Biden’s tax-and-spending agenda onto Americans.

We are making stops in Wisconsin, Florida, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Virginia to expose President Biden’s tax-and-spending agenda and share the stories of small businesses owners that the mainstream media won’t report on.
The DNC’s Empty Rhetoric Bus Tour is nothing more than a sham attempt to convince Americans that Leftist politicians can tax and spend their way out of this inflation crisis. But Americans know the truth.

When will President Biden listen to the stories of the 200,000+ small business owners who have permanently closed because they can’t hire back their employees or keep up with the cost of skyrocketing inflation? We invite President Biden and the DNC to take the time to listen to the stories of small business owners who had to close their doors and the Americans who will have the power of their paychecks slashed because of the Left’s policies.


  • Throughout the months of August and September, Heritage Action, in collaboration with the Coalition to Protect American Workers, will host state and national officials at local businesses across the country in a series of events aimed at exposing how disastrous President Biden’s policies have been for the American worker. Featured speakers on the Save Our Paychecks tour will include Florida Senator Rick Scott, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, local business owners, and other elected officials. The tour will also highlight the personal testimony of business owners, American workers, and grassroots leaders most impacted by President Biden’s failed economic agenda.

  • WSJ: 200,000 U.S. establishments have permanently closed above historical levels during the first year of the viral outbreak, according to a study released by economists at the Fed.

  • Heritage: The budget resolution that the Senate is preparing will enable the largest tax-and-spend bill in history: $3.5 trillion, or $27,000 per household.

  • Financial Times: Pace of US inflation steadies at a 13-year high in July