Raising Debt Ceiling to $31.4 Trillion Proves Democrats’ Own Fiscal Insanity

Press Releases · Dec 14, 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, Heritage Action, a national conservative organization with two million grassroots activists nationwide, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson following the Senate vote to raise the debt ceiling to $31.4 trillion:

“Today’s debt ceiling increase vote is a crisis of Schumer and Pelosi’s own creation. Democrats have maxed out America’s line of credit on their own Big Government Socialist Agenda, spending trillions of our taxpayer dollars on Leftist priorities that have exacerbated the inflation crisis.

Make no mistake—this $2.5 trillion debt ceiling increase is to pay for Congressional Democrats’ spending addiction. This vote to raise the debt to a mind-boggling $31.4 trillion is a prime example of the Left’s fiscal insanity. When Republicans take control of Congress, tackling our national debt and putting us on a sustainable fiscal path must be a top priority.”

Heritage Action is a national grassroots organization with two million conservative activists nationwide. Heritage Action advances the policies of our partner organization, The Heritage Foundation, and works to make them a reality.