President Trump’s Immigration Proposal Contains Necessary Reforms

Press Releases · May 16, 2019

Washington—Today, President Trump unveiled his plan to fix America’s broken immigration system. It contains many essential legal reforms needed to secure our borders and ensure that legal immigration will be a boon to our nation. We applaud the President for leading on this issue and urge Congress to pass these common-sense immigration reforms.

Heritage Action released the following statement from Executive Director Tim Chapman:

The President’s plan contains many key elements that are needed to fix our broken immigration system and secure the border. It closes the asylum loophole that has exacerbated the crisis at our southern border, clogging up our courts with false claims, and preventing us from helping those with legitimate asylum claims. It also replaces the visa lottery with a merit-based system that promotes the dignity of work and assimilation into America’s rich civic and cultural heritage.
Importantly, the President’s proposal is limited in scope and does not grant amnesty to the millions of individuals who broke our laws and entered our country illegally. Previous attempts at immigration reform that included amnesty have all failed, preventing the enactment of needed fixes to our immigration laws. The way to fix these problems is through targeted legislative reforms first.
Heritage Action will continue in our efforts to ensure America’s immigration system works for Americans. We call on Congress to pass meaningful immigration reform in line with the President’s proposal and not exchange much needed reforms for amnesty.