Oklahoma Protects Elections from Big Tech Billionaires

Press Releases · May 5, 2022

WASHINGTON – Today, Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million grassroots activists, including thousands of Oklahomans, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson applauding Governor Stitt for signing House Bill 3046 into law to protect Oklahoma’s elections from private money and partisan interests.

Throughout recent election cycles, we have seen Left-wing billionaires attempt to influence and weaponize our elections to advance their own political interests and silence the American people. Thanks to Gov. Stitt and Rep. Lepak, Oklahomans can trust their elections will be free from any outside interference and their voices will be heard at the ballot box.

The security and integrity of each state’s elections are paramount for the success of our republic. Heritage Action applauds Oklahoma for enacting HB 3046, and we look forward to working with the state legislature to continue the fight for election integrity.


  • Specifically, the legislation outlaws any election official or government official from soliciting or accepting private money for the purpose of funding the state’s elections. The legislation comes following reports that Mark Zuckerberg funneled millions of dollars to partisan election nonprofits during the 2020 election cycle.

  • The bill was introduced by Representative Mark Lepak (R-Claremore).

  • Last year, Heritage Action invested an initial $10 million into a first-ever state advocacy campaign to secure and strengthen state election systems.