National Governors Association Sides With Pelosi Against Americans

Press Releases · May 13, 2020

Washington, D.C. - Heritage Action for America released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson in response to the National Governors Association's repeated request for $500 billion for state budget shortfalls.

The governors of Maryland and New York claim that the fiscal impact of the Coronavrius is not a red state or blue state issue. While the economic impact of the virus has affected every state, some are determined to take advantage of the crisis and create a partisan divide. Blue states like Illinois and New York are requesting taxpayer dollars to pay down existing debt, bail out mismanaged pension debt, and worse, allocate money directly into public sector union coffers which will in turn be spent on defeating conservatives.

It is concerning that the leaders of the National Governors Association are once again asking Americans to bail out failing states’ finances. They claim there is widespread agreement, but Americans across the country do not want their hard-earned money going to bail out past decisions of mismanaged states.

Furthermore, Congress has already given $3 trillion dollars directly and indirectly to prop up the economy of states, and simply bailing these states out further will do nothing to get our society and economy healthy again or put people back to work.

Instead of requesting a taxpayer bailout of states, governors should focus on opening up American society, now.