Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Paves the Way for a New Justice Committed to Upholding the Constitution

Press Releases · Jun 27, 2018

Washington—Earlier today, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the United States Supreme Court after more than thirty years of service. First appointed to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, Justice Kennedy has frequently been the deciding vote on high-profile cases involving abortion, religious liberty, and the First Amendment. Today’s announcement presents President Trump and the U.S. Senate with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to remake the Supreme Court for decades to come.

Heritage Action released the following statement from Executive Director Tim Chapman:

Today we thank Justice Kennedy for his thirty years of dedicated service on the highest court of the land. Tomorrow we get to work nominating and confirming a justice to take his place who will faithfully uphold the Constitution. We look forward to working with President Trump and the U.S. Senate to confirm one of the highly qualified names on the President’s Supreme Court shortlist who will rule in the mold of Justice Scalia and Justice Gorsuch.


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