INFLATION: The American People Aren’t Buying What Biden is Selling

Press Releases · May 10, 2022

WASHINGTON — Today, Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million grassroots activists, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson calling out President Biden’s announcement on inflation.

President Biden’s so-called solution to inflation will do nothing to solve the problem – in fact, it will make it worse. Gas prices are at record highs, families are struggling, and broken supply chains are making basic necessities, like baby formula, impossible to find. Rather than ending government policies that are driving up the price for goods and cutting spending to stabilize the economy, Biden’s plan is to spend more and increase the national debt, raising inflation in both the short term and long term.

Nobody is buying what Biden is selling – his effort to blame the Republicans for the crises he has created is yet another desperate attempt to gaslight the American people. From the beginning, his administration has called inflation ‘transitory’ or used it as an excuse to push their radical climate agenda. President Biden needs to take responsibility for his policy failures, stop misleading the American people, and bring back the common sense, conservative economic policy that made our country successful.


  • In March, inflation hit 8.5%, marking the highest rate since 1981.

  • Over half of Americans say that they are “very concerned” about inflation, and many of those who own small businesses cite inflation as their top issue heading into the midterm elections.

  • Experts cite Biden’s $1.9 trillion ‘coronavirus relief’ package as a main driver for today’s inflation rates. The bill included stimulus payments, expanded unemployment benefits, and child care benefits that quickly began negatively impacting the U.S. economy. In addition to the excessive spending and irresponsible national debt, the Biden administration also cut domestic oil and gas production.

  • Biden touted cutting the national deficit as a major accomplishment, but even fact-checkers at CNN said Biden’s claims were misleading. Instead, CNN says, Biden’s policy moves made the deficit cuts much smaller than they would have been under policies from the previous administration.