ICYMI: Biden’s Medicare Advantage Cuts Hang Americans Out to Dry

Press Releases · May 17, 2024

WASHINGTON—In case you missed it: Heritage Action Executive Vice President Ryan Walker penned a new op-ed in Fox News to expose President Joe Biden’s health care hypocrisy in falsely claiming conservatives want to cut benefits for American seniors while his own administration slashes funds for the popular and efficient Medicare Advantage (MA) program.

In the op-ed, Walker lays out the extra costs seniors will have to endure to appease the Left’s government-run health care push—and urges conservatives to make Biden pay at the ballot box. The full op-ed can be seen below, followed by more information about Biden’s effort to cut Medicare Advantage.

Biden Hopes Seniors Won't Notice This Cut in Their Benefits Before the Election

Ryan Walker

Fox News

May 17, 2024

In January, President Biden wrote that he wouldn’t “…allow extreme Republicans to hand out massive giveaways…while raising your costs and cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.” He’s doing exactly that just months later.

Despite warnings from both Republicans and Democrats, the Biden administration’s Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services finalized cuts to the popular and effective Medicare Advantage (MA) program.

MA is a public-private partnership that allows health insurance providers to deliver affordable and comprehensive medical coverage to Americans over 65 and individuals with disabilities. By trimming access to MA, President Biden is breaking a core campaign promise to never slash benefits for seniors—something he has regularly repeated for three years.

The change of heart from Biden will cost seniors an extra $33 per month. Raymond James analyst Chris Meekins told Axios: “President Biden's team is gambling that MA beneficiaries won't realize before the election the benefits Biden's team is causing them to lose come January 2025.”

Republicans should help Biden’s team lose that bet—given the rare popularity of MA, it shouldn’t be a big lift.

Last year, 90% of voters said a candidate’s plan for reducing the cost of health care would be important to them and 39% claimed they would likely cross party lines to vote for a candidate who makes reducing health care costs their top priority.

Meanwhile, a stunning 90% of seniors say they love their plan. More than 31 million Americans are enrolled in MA plans, making up over half of the total Medicare population. MA outperforms traditional Medicare in 16 out of 16 clinical measures, making it an ideal choice for those who want control over their health care. This massive voting block needs to know that President Biden is cutting their affordable, flexible health plans in favor of more expensive, government-controlled outcomes for seniors.

The MA model works, and the American people know it. MA plans provide the same benefits as traditional Medicare for just $0.83 on the dollar, making the program a good deal for taxpayers, too.

MA plans are cheaper, more efficient, and are better suited for millions of Americans than traditional Medicare plans. What’s not to like? Well, anything that promotes private sector innovation over public sector dependence, according to the modern Left in America.

President Biden and his allies want to cut MA in favor of more government-run, fee-for-service Medicare For All—which would mean fewer options for physicians and coverage, like vision and hearing. Recently, progressive ringleader Rep. Pramila Jayapal and a coalition of 59 far-left House Democrats sent a letter to President Biden arguing for “strengthening Traditional Medicare” and redirecting funds “incorrectly going to MA.”

For Americans wondering what increased government control of the health care industry would look like in practice, head to your local DMV, or check out the shameful wait times at VA hospitals. It’s hard to imagine the expansion of federal control over insurance options would lead to anything appealing.

In 2013, then-President Barack Obama famously promised, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it,” as the former president furiously sold his signature legislation—the Affordable Care Act—to the American people. However, after the infamously-chaotic rollout of the program, costs skyrocketed—and Americans, in fact, could not keep their insurance nor their doctors. Even Left-leaning NPR shared an analysis naming Obama’s claim the “Lie of the Year.”

More than a decade later, his vice president, now President Joe Biden, is attempting a similar health care bait-and-switch—this time promising seniors better care while pillorying MA.

Americans should know better this time around.

While President Biden and the far Left continue to baselessly accuse conservatives of targeting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, this cut to MA is the real threat to American seniors’ health care.

In true Biden—and Obama—fashion, he’s breaking his promise to the American people while pointing fingers at Republicans.

This November, voters should be wary of promises of health care ‘reform’ from the Left. If you liked your insurance, you couldn’t keep it. If you like your Medicare Advantage, President Biden may take it.