HR 4: Unconstitutional, Last-Ditch Effort to Federalize Elections

Press Releases · Aug 24, 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, Heritage Action released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson responding to the passage of HR 4, Pelosi’s latest power grab to centralize election power with the federal government.

“The House passage of HR 4 signifies Democrats' desperation to stay in power. Democrats were unable to pass their original power grab, S 1, so they have pivoted to HR 4 to do the same thing: federalize state election processes.

This bill hands a massive amount of power to unelected bureaucrats in the federal government who will make voter fraud easier, make fraud detection harder, and advance a Left-wing agenda over the will of the people in all 50 states. Under HR 4, Leftist activists will use the courts and DOJ to block any state or local jurisdiction from implementing their own bills to ensure election integrity.

Democrats have built a false sense of urgency for this blatant power play and have continued to smear Americans who support election integrity efforts, like voter ID, even though poll after poll shows a wide majority of Americans support requiring an ID to vote.

This bill is unconstitutional and does not stack up to requests to ensure provisions are not expanded to cover the nation as a whole. Any Senator who wants to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat must vote NO.”


  • Earlier this month, Heritage Action key voted against the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (HR 4) and will include it as a key vote on our legislative scorecard.