House Budget Caps Deal is a Bust for Americans

Press Releases · Apr 9, 2019

Washington—This week, Democrats in the House of Representatives continued their onslaught of leftist legislation with H.R. 2021, the “Investing for the People Act,” a bill that eviscerates the budget caps and treats liberal, domestic-spending programs with equal importance to our national defense and the security of the American people. Their actions are particularly galling since they have failed to even produce a budget. Furthermore, the bill this week isn’t even a good faith effort to lay out their priorities and make their case to the American people. Instead, it reveals what we already thought: increasing spending is their unifying cause.

In order to pay for the amount of debt in the Democrats’ bill, every single man, woman, and child in the U.S would have to contribute $3,000 more in taxes than they already pay—for this year alone. When added to the full national debt, the numbers become unfathomable. Americans deserve better.

This isn’t a partisan issue. These are the facts. Our elected leaders need to make the tough decisions necessary to rescue our future. The massive spending bill this week only makes our future more bleak and should be rejected.