Heritage Action to spend $2.5 million and back 12 candidates this November

Press Releases · Aug 8, 2018

Washington—Heritage Action is spending $2.5 million in 12 congressional districts this election cycle. Through a combined digital, print, and TV advertising campaign, Heritage Action will secure the conservative vote while strategically reaching out to swing voters.

Heritage Action released the following statement from Executive Director Tim Chapman:

This fall, Heritage Action is investing resources in 12 key congressional races across the country. We believe our organization is uniquely positioned to protect conservative seats in Congress and preserve the Republican majority. This effort will enable Heritage Action to effectively leverage our grassroots and government relations efforts to fulfill our core mission—enacting conservative policy into law.

Heritage Action’s message to voters highlights the larger paychecks they are seeing today as a result of last year’s historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. According to research conducted by The Heritage Foundation, the average American couple with two children will keep an extra $2,917 of their paycheck in 2018 and benefit from a $44,697 increase in take home pay over the next ten years.

These real numbers demonstrate the importance of voting for principled conservatives this November—especially when Democrats are threatening to repeal these tax cuts and reduce workers’ take-home pay. Americans cannot afford the bad economic policies that the Democrat Party would implement were they to win this November.

Here is the complete list of districts Heritage Action will be targeting:

  • IA-01 - Rod Blum
  • KY-06 - Andy Barr
  • MI-08 - Mike Bishop
  • MO-02 - Ann Wagner
  • NC-09 - Mark Harris
  • NC-13 - Ted Budd
  • NJ-11 - Jay Webber
  • NM-02 - Yvette Herrell
  • OH-01 - Steve Chabot
  • PA-10 - Scott Perry
  • PA-17 - Keith Rothfus
  • VA-07 - Dave Brat