Heritage Action Statement on the Corrupt Politicians Act

Press Releases · Mar 24, 2021

Washington, DC — Heritage Action for America released the following statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson responding to today’s Senate Rules Committee hearing on S. 1:

Today proved what conservatives have known for two years: the so-called “For the People Act” is really the Corrupt Politicians Act. In today’s hearing, the Left misled the public on what S. 1 would actually do while smearing conservative activists in the process. False claims from Sen. Schumer of “voter suppression” ignore the facts. The Corrupt Politicians Act deters voters while voter integrity reforms support voter rights, expand access, and will restore trust in the democratic process — and the American people know it.

According to NRSC polling, roughly 80% or more of Americans want clean voter rolls with citizenship verification, all ballots received by Election Day, secured ballot drop boxes, and voter ID requirements. The Corrupt Politicians Act will harm those goals and hurt Americans’ trust in elections — that’s why Heritage Action is working to defeat S. 1 on the federal level and support election integrity reform at the state level. Americans everywhere thank Ranking Member Blunt and the other conservatives on the Rules committee for standing up against this disastrous bill.