Heritage Action Slams Pelosi’s “Abortion for All” Act

Press Releases · Sep 23, 2021

WASHINGTON— Heritage Action for America, a national conservative grassroots group, today released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson responding to the upcoming House vote on the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act.”

Left-wing politicians are cynically using the cover of 'women’s health' to disguise their plan to destroy every life-affirming law in the country. This bill would go far beyond Roe v. Wade to gut broadly supported federal and state laws protecting religious freedom, force taxpayers to pay for abortions, and, ironically, destroy rules that actually protect women’s health from dangerous procedures.

A more accurate name for this bill is the 'Abortion for All Act.' If enacted, the bill would be the greatest assault on human dignity in America since Roe, forcing the radical anti-life agenda of the abortion industry on every community in the nation. No member of Congress should vote for this legislation.

Heritage Action will key vote NO on H.R. 3755 and S. 1975.

The Heritage Foundation: The Truth About the So-Called Women’s Health Protection Act