Heritage Action Runs TV Ads During MLB All-Star Game Defending Georgia Election Law

Press Releases · Jul 13, 2021

Washington—Heritage Action, a national conservative grassroots organization, today announced a $168,000 ad buy in Georgia during the MLB All-Star Game to defend the state’s Election Integrity Act from misleading attacks from the Left.

“Georgians deserve to know exactly why Major League Baseball pulled the All-Star Game and abandoned the Peach State,” said Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action. “As our ad shows, Georgia’s new election law ensures it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat, but politicians like Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams falsely smeared the bill as ‘Jim Crow.’ Liberal politicians and woke corporations worked together to attack Georgia’s law, create a false narrative, and move the All-Star Game to Denver, depriving Georgians of $100 million in lost revenue. Georgians deserve the facts, not political attacks.”

The campaign includes a $150,000 TV ad buy during the MLB All-Star Game in the Atlanta metro area, plus over $18,000 around the state before and during the game. Heritage Action is also running a $250,000 digital advertising campaign in Georgia. Excerpt from the 60-second ad:

“President Biden is lying about GA’s new election reform. Even the Washington Post caught him in his lies. This new ethics law doubles early voting on weekends. Voting on two Saturdays, guaranteed... To provide a pressure-free voting experience, special interest groups are kicked out of polling places, and counties can still provide water for people waiting in line. That’s the truth: read it yourself, and don’t fall for the lies by those who want to divide us.”

Immediately after the Georgia Senate runoffs, Heritage Action began educating its established army of grassroots volunteers on election integrity best practices. At the beginning of March, Heritage Action activated those grassroots to work with their legislators and governor’s office to promote meaningful, common-sense election reforms. Heritage Action also invested $1 million in March to support lawmakers as they worked to secure Georgia’s elections, including a $600,000 TV ad buy. On March 22, the legislature passed SB 202, and Gov. Kemp immediately signed the historic election reform.

Background: After Gov. Kemp signed SB 202, politicians like President Biden and Sen. Schumer misled voters about the bill and were fact-checked by the Washington Post and Politifact. On the basis of those false claims, left-wing activists and corporations have threatened Georgians and their legislators with economic boycotts.

Today, Heritage Action also called on Stacey Abrams to compensate Georgians for $100 million in economic revenue lost after the All-Star Game was moved.

Heritage Action has debunked several of the most common false claims about the law in a Myth vs. Fact sheet.