Heritage Action: Progressive Left is Remaking America with $3.5T Budget Resolution

Press Releases · Aug 11, 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, Heritage Action released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson in response to the Senate’s vote on the FY2022 Budget Resolution and adoption of Republican amendments:

The Progressive Left will stop at nothing to fundamentally remake America, and they are using trillions of our dollars to saddle us with unbearable debt to accomplish their radical agenda.

Only hours after voting on legislation to spend more than $1 trillion dollars, Senate Democrats agreed on a $3.5 trillion, Bernie Sanders-drafted framework to drastically remake America. The bill includes the Left’s most extreme policy proposals like amnesty, the Green New Deal, and gun grabs.

Unprecedented government spending is already fueling the inflation fire that is burning up Americans’ paychecks. Democrats’ proposed spending would only pour more gasoline onto this fire. At the same time, Democrats want to institute one of the largest tax increases in history, leaving Americans with less of their hard-earned money to deal with these rising prices.

Thank you to the Republican senators who stood for the American worker and offered amendments to protect their paychecks, schools, children’s futures, safety, and the unborn while Democrats abandoned them to support the far Left’s radical agenda.

Conservatives support the following amendments:

  • Senator Cotton offered an amendment preventing the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Pre-K and K-12 education.

  • Senator Lankford offered an amendment to protect the Hyde Amendment, which prevents tax dollars from being used to fund abortions.

  • Senator Tuberville offered an amendment prohibiting state and local governments that defund their police from receiving federal funds (with the exception of federal programs that fund law enforcement).

  • Senator Braun offered an amendment allowing states to use the money they received as part of the American Rescue Plan for tax cuts.

  • Senator Paul offered an amendment to replace the entire budget resolution with a substitute that would balance the federal budget in five years.

  • Senator Tim Scott offered an amendment requiring schools to be open for in-person learning during the upcoming school year.

  • Senator Grassley offered an amendment to prohibit illegal aliens with criminal records from receiving lawful permanent residence in the U.S.

  • Senator Lee offered an amendment to prevent additional government spending if inflation is over 3%.