Heritage Action Declares China a Genuine Adversary, Unveils Conservative Policy Solutions to Growing CCP Threat

Press Releases · May 2, 2022

WASHINGTON — Heritage Action, a conservative organization with two million grassroots activists nationwide, unveiled a list of conservative policy solutions for Congress and the executive branch to address the pervasive threat of Communist China to the U.S. economy and national security.

Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson released the following statement:

To defeat China, the United States must advance policy both internationally and domestically. We must build a China-resistant supply chain, defeat the CCP propaganda machine, and stop supporting the CCP through government policy. Policymakers should begin by banning CCP members from federal contracts and grants, prohibiting American investment in firms connected to China’s military or surveillance state, supporting Taiwan, and abandoning woke policy at home. Until we can hold China accountable and unleash our own innovation, we will be one step behind our adversaries.

Today’s report outlines specifically what lawmakers can do to counter the threat of Communist China.


  • The report comes as the U.S. Senate is poised to consider legislation on U.S. competition with China this week. Heritage Action key voted against the House version of the bill; the report contains solutions designed as an alternative to the ill-conceived bills in the House and Senate.

  • The report calls on lawmakers and the administration to clarify that the U.S.-China relationship is one of genuine adversaries, not friendly competitors.

  • Among some of the noteworthy items are recommendations to resurrect and enlarge the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) China Initiative, bar members of the CCP and other Chinese nationals from certain federal contracts or grants, ban Confucius Institutes, prohibit American investment funds from financing firms connected to China’s military or surveillance state, cut China out of U.S. supply chains, and make U.S. CEOs personally liable if their business knowingly provides technological assistance to Beijing’s human rights abuses.

  • Domestically, the report calls on the U.S. to adopt fiscally responsible economic policy, reduce national debt, and cut growth-killing, woke regulations on American businesses.

  • Additionally, Heritage Action calls for the U.S. to hold China accountable for the ongoing Uyghur genocide and the Chinese Communist Party’s global propaganda efforts.

  • Further, the report demands the federal government stop any efforts to negotiate meaningless climate treaties or dangerous arms control agreements to reduce U.S. economic and defense capabilities.

  • Finally, the report calls for a strategic embrace of Taiwan both diplomatically and economically.