Heritage Action Commits Over $1.8 Million to Canvassing and Outreach Efforts on Important Policy Issues in New Hampshire and Nevada

Press Releases · Sep 20, 2022

WASHINGTON – Today, Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million activists, including thousands of people in Nevada and New Hampshire, released a statement from Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson announcing the organization’s seven-figure canvassing and outreach campaign in Nevada and New Hampshire to discuss pressing public policy issues with residents in the lead up to November's elections.

Heritage Action is excited to announce a canvassing and outreach campaign to reach over 225,000 households in Nevada and 125,000 households in New Hampshire to discuss the public policy issues that matter – empowering parents, securing our border, reducing crime, ensuring free and fair elections, reversing the effects of spending and inflation, countering Communist China, holding Big Tech accountable, and protecting unborn life. This is just one step in our efforts to educate and mobilize grassroots citizens on Heritage and Heritage Action’s seven policy priorities ahead of November’s midterm elections.

From the time our efforts in Nevada and New Hampshire began on September 1, we have heard the same, simple message from the people of these states – they feel left behind and ignored by Biden’s woke progressive agenda. Nevadans and New Hampshirites do not want Biden’s Build Back Broke agenda with student debt amnesty, Green New Deal policies, or more taxpayer funding for woke social projects. Instead, they want their leaders to stand up against woke agendas and support fiscal responsibility and individual opportunity. Heritage Action looks forward to providing the people of Nevada and New Hampshire the educational resources to voice their informed opinions and promote a government that will stand up for their interests and values.


  • The canvassing efforts started on September 1, 2022, and will continue through Election Day. This campaign aims to reach over 225,000 households in Nevada and 125,000 households in New Hampshire. Additionally, activists will communicate with 500,000 households among the two states through telecanvassing efforts.

  • The campaign will spend over $1.8 million on policy outreach until November, including canvassing efforts and literature drops.

  • In March, the Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action released a set of seven policy priorities for the conservative movement over the next three years. The policy agenda aims to empower parents to make education choices, secure America’s borders and reduce crime, ensure free and fair elections, reverse the growth of regulations, spending and inflation, counter the threat of Communist China, hold Big Tech accountable, and protect unborn life and family formation.