Heritage Action Commends Louisiana Bill Fighting Radical Gender Ideology

Press Releases · May 30, 2024

WASHINGTON—Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million activists nationwide, including thousands of Louisianans, released the following statement from Director of State Advocacy Catherine Gunsalus applauding the Louisiana Legislature’s passage of HB 121, legislation that protects Louisiana’s children, families, and teachers from radical gender ideology and compelled speech:

“Socially ‘transitioning’ children in schools without parental consent violates the rights of parents, the wellbeing of students, and the conscience of teachers and staff who oppose the Left-wing ideology pushed by some school administrators. HB 121 promotes scientific facts, freedom of speech, and the God-given rights of parents in Louisiana.

“Heritage Action commends Pelican State lawmakers for siding with commonsense and sanity to protect parents and kids. We look forward to this legislation arriving on Gov. Landry’s desk and working alongside grassroots Americans to continue to fight gender ideology across the country."

HB 121, the Given Name Act, prevents schools from “socially transitioning” children without informing their parents. It also protects the First Amendment rights of Louisiana school employees by ensuring they are not forced to use an individual’s preferred pronouns over those dictated by science. States should follow Louisiana’s lead and make upholding parents’ right to raise their children according to their values a top concern.