Heritage Action Calling on West Virginians to Urge Manchin to Reject BBB

Press Releases · Jan 2, 2022

WASHINGTON — Tonight, Heritage Action, a national conservative organization with two million grassroots activists nationwide, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson following the breaking news that Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has returned to negotiations for the Build Back Better bill, despite his public opposition to the package in December.

“As Heritage Action cautioned before Christmas, the fight against the Build Back Broke bill is far from over. Senator Manchin is reportedly caving to the radical left by reopening negotiations on Green New Deal-style policies in this multi-trillion-dollar bill.

West Virginians told Senator Manchin loud and clear that they did not support President Biden and his Build Back Broke agenda. West Virginians know BBB would make inflation worse and kill their state’s economy.

We are calling on our activists in West Virginia to urge Manchin to reject the radical Build Back Broke agenda and stand with the people of the Mountain State.”


  • Heritage Action Scorecard: Senator Manchin, 0% Session Score & 19% Lifetime Score

  • In December, Executive Director Jessica Anderson joined Hannity Tonight, saying: “Democrats can't sell their agenda to the American people, so they're changing the rules. That's what this carve-out for the filibuster is about. It's what Jayapal's efforts to have an executive order to push Build Back Broke further is about. That's why they want to rig the rules to advance their agenda. It's a pattern and the American people will not stand for this.”

  • In December, Executive Director Jessica Anderson told Fox News: “The downfall of Build Back Broke is truly the liberal Democrats’ nightmare before Christmas. Senator Manchin’s opposition only proves what we’ve known all along, President Biden’s agenda is a laundry list of far-Left policy ideas that will worsen the inflation crisis that our country is facing right now."

Heritage Action is a national grassroots organization with nearly two million grassroots activists nationwide. Heritage Action advances the policies of our partner organization, The Heritage Foundation, and works to make them a reality.