Heritage Action Applauds Arizona Legislature on End of Productive Session

Press Releases · Jul 2, 2021

WASHINGTON — This week, the Arizona State Legislature wrapped up an immensely productive session. The Arizona House and Senate passed multiple election integrity bills that were signed into law by Governor Ducey, including HB 2054, HB 2569, and SB 1485, that will enhance and strengthen election integrity in the Grand Canyon State.

Heritage Action, a national conservative grassroots organization, released a statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson applauding Arizona lawmakers for strengthening election security in their state:

“Heritage Action applauds the Arizona State Legislature for prioritizing election integrity and passing several important pieces of legislation that will make it easier to vote and harder to cheat in the state of Arizona. Each of these bills strengthens Arizona’s elections, ensuring that the process is secure and transparent. We thank the Arizona legislators who voted to secure their state’s elections and Governor Ducey for signing these important bills into law.”


  • HB 2054, sponsored by Rep. Kaiser, ensures dead people will not remain on the voter rolls by requiring the Secretary of State to compare the death records with the statewide voter registration database.

  • HB 2569, sponsored by Rep. Hoffman, protects against private organizations funding government elections operations such as preparing for, administering, or conducting an election, including registering voters.

  • SB 1003, sponsored by Sen. Ugenta-Rita, allows an early voter to add their signature to an early ballot returned without a signature on the return envelope no later than 7:00 p.m. on election day.

  • SB 1485, sponsored by Sen. Ugenta-Rita, renames the permanent early voting list (PEVL) as the early voting list (EVL) and ensures the EVL contains active voters who have voted at least once in two consecutive election cycles. Any voter on the EVL who has not voted at least once in two election cycles will be notified and given a chance to stay on the EVL.

  • HB 2794, sponsored by Rep. Hoffman, prohibits an officer or agent of this state from modifying any deadline, submittal date, filing date.

  • SB 1819, sponsored by Sen. Fann, establishes an election integrity fund that appropriates funding for anti-fraud ballot security paper, election security measures, cybersecurity improvements, and post-election hand tabulations.

  • HB 2905 (awaiting signature from Governor Ducey), sponsored by Rep. Hoffman, protects early ballots by specifying that a county recorder or other election officer may not deliver or mail an early ballot to a person who has not requested an early ballot for that election.