Georgia Governor, Members of Congress Join Heritage Action Save Our Paychecks Tour

Press Releases · Aug 12, 2021

ATLANTA, GA. — Today, Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization, announced a slate of featured speakers for Heritage Action’s Save Our Paychecks Tour stop in Atlanta, Georgia on September 13.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp will be the keynote speaker for the Atlanta event and will be joined by featured speakers Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson, and Reps. Rick Allen (GA-12), Buddy Carter (GA-01), Andrew Clyde (GA-09), Jody Hice (GA-10), Drew Ferguson (GA-03), and Barry Loudermilk (GA-11).

Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson:

“Heritage Action is taking the Save Our Paychecks Tour to Atlanta to hear from small business owners and highlight just how detrimental Biden’s tax-and-spend policies are for Georgia. We are proud to stand beside Gov. Brian Kemp and members of the Georgia congressional delegation as we work to Save Our Paychecks.”

Governor Brian Kemp:

“At a time when our nation’s leaders should be doing everything they can to support business owners as they recover from the economic devastation caused by the pandemic, President Biden and D.C. Democrats are trying to ram through a reckless tax-and-spend agenda that has caused prices to skyrocket and created a labor shortage like we’ve never seen. In Georgia, we are leading the way to get people back to work, and I am proud to join Heritage Action on the Save Our Paychecks tour as we work together to put hardworking Americans first and support our small business community.”

Rep. Buddy Carter:

“As someone who started and owned their own business for over 32 years, I know what a paycheck means to Americans. We need support from the top down to protect our American workers. Democrats’ reckless spending will not help the economy, it only raises taxes, leaves less money in Americans’ pockets and slows down economic growth. The American economy is being crushed under the weight of President Biden’s uncontrolled federal spending.”

Rep. Barry Loudermilk:

“President Biden and Washington Democrats should be presiding over one of the best economic recoveries in history; but instead, Americans are seeing inflation and stagnation, caused by the Dems out of control spending and anti-growth policies. The government paying Americans to stay at home, instead of working, with over 9 million jobs available, is adding to the economic crisis. We need to get the government out of the way, and the historic economy we had prior to the pandemic will come roaring back.”

Rep. Drew Ferguson:

“The reckless spending and failed policies of President Biden and the Democrats have caused a crisis for our economy at every level. From small business owners to corporations employing tens of thousands of Americans, job creators are struggling to rebuild their workforces — and there's no relief in sight. We need commonsense solutions that work for the American people. I’m proud to join Heritage Action's Save Our Paychecks Tour and support hardworking Americans as we fight back.”

Rep. Andrew Clyde:

“As a small businessman turned Congressman, I know the struggles that small business owners face each day. These last eight months, I have seen firsthand as I’ve visited communities across my District how the reckless spending and failed economic policies peddled by Democrats in Washington have hurt local small businesses and hardworking Americans alike. Between skyrocketing inflation rates that continues to hit consumers squarely in their pocketbooks and businesses in their supply chain--and ultimately their bottom line--and government-backed checks that incentivize workers across the country to remain unemployed, it is clear to me that the policies coming out of Washington are not working in the best interest of hardworking Americans. I am pleased to be a part of the Heritage Action Save Our Paychecks Tour, right here in Georgia! In Congress, I will fight every day for the people of Georgia’s Ninth District and the small businesses that make GA-09 what it is today!”

Rep. Rick Allen:

“For nearly 40 years I ran a small business, so I know firsthand the joy that comes with gainful employment and being able to provide for your family, community and this nation. But between COVID shutdowns, enhanced federal unemployment benefits, and now surging inflation, liberal Washington policies continue to harm the pocketbooks of American families. I’m proud to join Heritage Action in the fight to turn our economy around and Save Our Paychecks.”

Rep. Jody Hice:

“Across the board, President Biden and Congressional Democrats are pushing their radical Leftist agenda, and hard-working Americans and their families are bearing the brunt of it. Skyrocketing inflation is driving the cost of everyday necessities like gas and groceries through the roof. Yet, at the same time, Democrats continue to blow through trillions in taxpayer dollars in their out-of-control spending spree. Rather than pushing more outrageous government programs, massive tax hikes, and new restrictions on individual freedom, President Biden should prioritize helping Americans instead of undermining them at every turn. I look forward to joining Heritage Action’s Save Our Paychecks Tour to get America back on the right track!”


Throughout the months of August and September, Heritage Action, in collaboration with the Coalition to Protect American Workers, will host state and national officials and small business owners at local businesses across the country in a series of events aimed at exposing how disastrous President Biden’s policies have been for the American worker. To learn more about the Save Our Paychecks Tour visit