Press Release

Food Stamp and Farm Bill Falls Short

May 17, 2018

Washington—The House is scheduled to resume consideration of the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 (H.R. 2). As Agri-pulse noted this morning, “House Republican leaders ensured that farm bill amendments that will be debated on the House floor won’t include ones attacking crop insurance which stood the best chance of getting approved.” Heritage Action released the following statement from Chief Operating Officer Tim Chapman:

Heritage Action remains opposed to the food stamp and farm bill. While we appreciate the efforts made to strengthen work requirements in the food stamp program, the reforms do not go far enough to reduce poverty and strengthen adult and child well-being.
Those shortcomings are exacerbated by the farm bill’s continued wasteful subsidy programs. Not only does it double down on the cronyism and dependency inherent in the program, but the amendment process appears to be designed to protect the underlying bill as opposed to allow for conservative improvements.
President Trump was elected to drain the swamp; this bill clearly falls short of that standard. Elevating the dignity of work is an incredibly important effort, but taken as a whole the bill continues the status quo.

Heritage Action opposes H.R. 2, and will include multiple amendment key votes on its legislative scorecard; including, YES on Foxx #32, YES on McClintock #102, YES on Biggs #10, and YES on Banks #16.