Florida Legislature Strengthens Election Integrity, Passes SB 7050

Press Releases · Apr 28, 2023

WASHINGTON – Heritage Action, a conservative grassroots organization with two million grassroots activists, including thousands of Floridians, released the following statement from Janae Stracke, Vice President of Field Operations, applauding the Florida Legislature’s passage of SB 7050, legislation that upholds election integrity by preventing voter disenfranchisement, improving voter roll maintenance, and ensuring only legal votes are counted.

“As the Left attempts to fundamentally change how elections work, states all over the country need to reinforce their election integrity to make sure elections remain free and fair. By passing SB 7050, the Florida Legislature voted to strengthen its election integrity and ensure voters are able to have their voices heard at the ballot box. Specifically, SB 7050 prevents voter disenfranchisement, improves voter roll maintenance, and ensures only legal votes are counted.

Heritage Action thanks the Florida Legislature for promoting strong elections in the Sunshine State and passing SB 7050. This legislation is a step in the right direction, and we look forward to working alongside grassroots Floridians to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat.”