FCC Takes Weed Whacker to Net Neutrality Rules

Press Releases · Nov 21, 2017

Washington—Tomorrow, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit V. Pai will reportedly announce the repeal of a 2015 Obama-era rule regulating broadband internet service providers as public utilities under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. This misguided 2015 Open Internet Order applied 1930s-era regulations designed for telephone companies to 21st century internet service providers in a gross overreach of federal authority. Tomorrow’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order will help free the internet by classifying broadband internet access service as an “information service” subject to a much lighter and more appropriate regulatory framework. Heritage Action released the following statement from Vice President Dan Holler :

“Tomorrow’s order repealing President Obama’s draconian regulations on the internet is a huge win for millions of American consumers who desire more choice and competition when it comes to internet services. Chairman Pai deserves tremendous credit for fulling his promise of taking a weed whacker to costly and unnecessary regulation that hinders investment, innovation, and job creation.
“Heritage Action fully supports Chairman Pai and his colleagues’ work on this issue and will continue to debunk hysterical left-wing talking points that are sure to come following tomorrow’s official announcement.”


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Discusses Restoring Internet Freedom with The Heritage Foundation